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  • Schedule of Remove Invasive Plant (RIP), on Sligo Creek, for Fall 2005.
  • Spring 2005 dredging of Sligo Creek stormwater drainage ponds.
  • Sligo Creek Information
    maintained by Friends of Sligo Creek
  • Upper Sligo Creek Water Quality Monitoring Station
  • Park Rules and Regulations
  • Photos (nothing yet)
  • GreenMan Home Page
    information on native plants, landscaping
    (including rain gardens) and invasive plants.
  • Friends of Sligo Creek Newsletters

    Jan 2006 letter to WSSC
    from Ed Murtagh
    Ed and Leah propose to send this letter to WSSC about the Jan 2006 WSSC discharge into Sligo Creek
    Help monitor Sligo Creek
    from Kathleen Michels
    As you may be aware all of our streams- including our own Sligo Creek- are suffering from lesser or greater degrees of pollution and degradation due to human activities.

    One way of keeping tabs is monitoring of what insect larvae (macroinvertebrates) live in streams over time. Some (such as mosquito larvae) can withstand high levels of pollution that kill off everything that eats them (frogs, fish, other insects such as dragonflies); others such as Mayflies (well known to trout fisherman) are very sensitve to pollution and can only exist in clean streams. So the biological health of a stream can be assessed by careful monitoring of insect larvae over time. Some are beautiful. Some rather ugly but all are interesting.

    If you like the outdoors, have a little time, and are interested in exploring another dimension of the world around you - consider getting trained and spending a occasional hour walking in the stream. A GREAT activity for kids as well.

    If interested check out the web site described below
    Also, the Friends of Sligo Creek web site and you may email Mike Smith.
    Ed Murtagh in Section 9 (Sligo Headwaters) is also well trained in biological monitoring and can answer questions for you. happy summer!