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Arcola Elementary Reopening. Green roof at Northwood

Schools in the SHCA area

The public schools in the Sligo Headwaters Civic Association area currently are:
Kemp Mill Elementary School

School web site:

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Colonel E. Brook Lee Middle School School web site:

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John F. Kennedy High School

School web site:

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However, with a growing number of school-age children in our area and overcrowding at local schools, Arcola Elementary School (in the heart of the SHCA area) and Northwood High School (nearby at University Blvd. and Arcola Ave.) will reopen and will serve the children of our area.

Arcola Elementary is currently home to the Washington Christian Academy, which leases the facility from the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Arcola Elementary School is planned to be rebuilt and reopened as a Montgomery County Public School in September 2006. As of late July 2003, a feasibility study for the reopening is being completed and SHCA will obtain a copy. MCPS will form a committee including representatives of the committee to guide the design of the school. Please email if you have issues you would like SHCA to raise regarding the reopening.

Minutes of Nov. 21, 2002 Board Meeting addressing Arcola Elementary School
Minutes to May 13, 2003 DOE Board Meeting addressing Arcola Elementary School
09 Oct 03 meeting announcement at Kemp Mill ES
The Arcola Elementary School Reopening Status reports (from the Design Advisory Committee (DAC) meetings for Arcola Elementary), and other news.

Northwood High School historically served this neighborhood but was closed when enrollment declined. It has served for several years as a holding facility for other high schools undergoing modernization (e.g. Rockville High School is using Northwood while it's being rebuilt). MCPS decided to reopen Northwood to relieve overcrowding, particularly at Einstein and Blair.

Northwood will be part of the Downcounty Consortium of high schools (along with Blair, Einstein, Kennedy and Wheaton). Each school will have distinct "academies" and students in the area will be able to attend any of the high schools that spark their interest, if space is available.

Downcounty consortium
Northwood H.S. Re-opening time table

Students in the "base area" of each high school are guaranteed a spot in that high school. After a contentious process, our area was placed in the Northwood base area. To learn more about a listserv that has advocated for Northwood, visit

Members of SHCA have advocated for adequate funding for the Northwood reopening and for "green" building practices to reinforce and serve as a resource for one of the academies of the high school that will focus on environmental sustainability:
Letter to Councilman Subin (by Leah Haygood)
County Council comments (by Leah Haygood)
The following sustainability guidelines are being used in the reopening:

Northwood_sustainability_guidelines.htm and Northwood_High_School_Master_Plan-6-5-03