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Removal of Trash Cans from Parks

M-NCPPC is announcing a carry-in, carry-out policy.
Probably, this means more litter. Certainly,this means more inconvenience for conscientious visitors. Therefore, SHCA is sending a letter to Derek Berlage protesting this decision. (1 .. 2 photos that highlight the problem).
Status report as of 8 Dec 2003 (the barrels seem to be on the way out).
And a response from the county council to a concerned citizen letter.
Status report as of 18 Dec 2003 (summary of county council deliberations)

10 March 2004 update
Councilmember Tom Perez has introduced legislation, co-sponsored by Councilmembers Denis and Leventhal, which would reintroduce trashcans in some county parks. Sligo Creek Park is one of the parks ( press release about the legislation). Letters and phone calls from Sligo Creek communities were at least part of the impetus for this legislation.
We urge the community to call or write in support of this legislation.
30 March 2004 update (from Ed Murtagh)
It looks like it is official , the County Council vote 5 to 3 today to re-introduce trash barrels into Sligo Creek Park, Long Branch Stream Valley Park, and a few other urban parks (see the announcement).

Flooren, Praisner and Knapp voted against the re-introduction of trash barrels.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to the Council.

30 April 2004 update (from Ed Murtagh)
As MC Parks and Planning moves to partly reinstate trash cans in Sligo Creek park, it will be important for us to ensure that critical areas, especially ballfields get them back. This includes the ball fields near Channing and spots near the benches on the bike path should be on the list to get trash cans again.

Thus, PLEASE call the following numbers whenever you see significant trash in any of areas of concern :
Cleanup crew: 301-670-8175
Chairman's office (Derek Berlage): 301-495-4607

The more messages Berlage get, the more likely our parks are to get back to normal

28 July 2004 update (from Ed Murtagh)
A letter from the Superintendent of Parks regarding the trash barrel situation in Sligo Creek Park. He asks that we remind you that the Parks people have not abandoned the parks just because there are no trashcans. Note that there is a new centralized phone number if you are having problems with maintenance in the Park. So if you see overflowing trash barrels in the park for example, here is the number to call:
If you have continued concerns about the maintenance of our parks, please call the new centralized Park Maintenance Service Center telephone number, (301) 670-8080. We have developed a process to log, track, and fill service requests in the most efficient and cost-saving manner using a highly sophisticated technological software system."
02 May 2005 update (from Ed Murtagh)
In April 2005, a report on return of the trash barrels in the parks and ball fields was released: County Council Staff Report, M-NCPPC FY06Operating Budget: Waste Management Programs (Trash Barrels in our Parks)