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Kemp Mill Giant Closing?

There are rumors afoot that the Kemp Mill Giant may be closing!
What can & should SHCA (along with other effected community organizations) do? This page will help track these efforts (much of the action is taking place through the SHCA list server).

What we know   updated 18 Dec 2003

When Patricia Sullivan contacted Giant recently about this rumor, Giant responded with:

Thank you for contacting us concerning your Kemp Mill Giant. We appreciate knowing of your interest in whether there are plans to close your store. You will be pleased to know that there are no plans to close your store at this time. I will be sure to let the store's supervisors know how much you enjoy shopping at this store.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season.

Deborah Riley
Consumer Affairs Specialist

On the other hand, Kathleen Michels reports:
I had heard rumors of it closing so I asked staff at the store - they told me that it might close but they weren't allowed to say one way or another (that sounded ominous). Then we heard that Mike Young of Inwood House talked with the manager there who said it would close. So - have there been just misunderstandings or was there an intent to close which was reversed or---- do they not want to tell us for some reason?
Kathleen (along with others) points out an important consideration:
The closing may not affect a many of us much personally but will clearly affect a large number of people in our larger community. Most of them are probably not on these listserves (because they don't do email) even if they are in our neighborhoods. We need to have a strategy for harnessing thei energy and ensuring their voices are heard. I have heard from several "seniors" by phone and on the street. it would take some of the last vestiges of independence away from many.
Sandy Triolo followed up with Giant, and summarized some basic stats:
I have two calls in to Giant, here are some details I've put together, if anyone can think of anything else please add it.

Kemp Mill Giant Store 116
There is great concern in the area that the Kemp Mill Village Giant might be closing, especially since the opening of the New Giant on Viers Mill in Wheaton.

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