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Reducing salt usage

For those of you interested in helping Sligo Creek's water quality and your landscaping, this will be an interest to you:

Reducing or Eliminating the Use of Salt as a Deicer

Reprinted from the Chesapeake Bay Program

Get out your snow boots, hats, and gloves that blistering weather has begun! Each year, areas throughout the Chesapeake Bay's watershed receive a fair amount of snowfall. As we attempt to clear our sidewalks of snow, we'll pull our shovels out of the shed and flock to store shelves to pick up salt. Melting the ice and snow from our walkways and driveways is important for safety, but it is also important to note that using salt as a deicer releases chloride and many other impurities into the surrounding area. These chemicals might find their way to local waterways and the Bay, threatening aquatic life, or they can remain stagnant in your soils, threatening the plants that grow in your yard.

This year, try to be smart about using sidewalk salt. Here are a few tips to get you started:

In the end, how you choose to deice will not only impact the safety of your sidewalk, but also the health of your local waterways, leading to the Bay.

Deicer TIPS:

See also Maryland Cooperative Extensions Fact Sheet on melting ice Maryland Cooperative Extensions Fact Sheet on melting ice.