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From Leay Haygood, August 2006....

Hi Neighbors:

Please help reduce e-waste in DC by recycling your electronics & computers!!

Minimize the toxic lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic & PBCs that end up in your local landfills & leach into groundwater!

Take advantage of a FREE, ongoing student-run recycling program, recently featured in The Northwest Current, which accepts:

All items collected will be refurbished/recycled for reuse. All toxics will be disposed of according to EPA guidelines! This is a ZERO LANDFILL program! Drop donations on the porch at 3630 Everett Street, NW (a small one-way street off the intersection of Nebraska Avenue & Reno Road)

Questions? Contact Nick Morgan at nmorgan@maret. org

Thank you for reducing toxic, NON-biodegradable e-waste in the DC-MD area!

from Kathleen Michels, 28 August 2006...

Dell Recycling and Donations:

IBM Recycling and Donations:

Note that these companies charge $20 or $30 to accept the donation, and if the equipment is too old (not a Pentium, usually), they don't want it at all.

HP has a trade-in program:

There is also a database she can search for those in the area looking for donations:
These likely will have minimum requirements also.