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from the Wheaton Redevelopment Committee
Streetlights From our councilmember Tom Perez. Dear Friends:
In response to my question about long-unsolved streetlight problems this morning, the President of PEPCO requested a list of persistent streetlight problems.

If you have a streetlight out in your neighborhood, whether it has been reported or not, please, email us. We need the location (address or street and description) and, if you have time the pole number. All streetlights on wooden poles are maintained by PEPCO.

If you have reported it, please let us know when and how many times.

Thank you.

Wheaton Redevelopment Report To my fellow Wheaton residents,

My name is Jayson Slotnik, and I sit on the Wheaton Redevelopment Committee ("Committee"). The Committee consists of local citizens, business owners and Montgomery County employees ("County") and provides advice and guidance to the County on issues relating to Wheaton's central business district ("CBD"). The CBD includes the east- west corridor of Georgia Ave - Viers Mill (including Westfield Mall) and the north-south corridor of the Viers Mill/Georgia Ave. split - University.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, many changes are occurring within the CBD and its surrounding areas. Attached please find a summary of Wheaton's recent redevelopment activities published by the Wheaton Redevelopment office.

Please feel free to respond to me at with any comments or suggestions regarding the redevelopment of Wheaton. I look forward to hearing from you.

Nairn family moves south from the Journal
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MNCPPC to implement carry-in, carry-out policy July 22, 2003 press release from Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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Nextel Monopole at Northwood High School policy July 2003 summary of issues relating to placement of monopole at Northwood High School
Northwood renovations will take place while school is open Upgrades include rooms for academies, remodeled cafeteria (Sept. 2003)
Wet basements: what to do? Some letters and articles about dealing with wet basements (Oct. 2003)
June 16, 2004 Gazette news article article about Sligoheadwaters Neighborhood watch meeting that addressed the May 28, 2004 rape in Sligo Creek Park.