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How do I report a pothole, etc. Call the County Department of Public Works and Transportation at 240-777-ROAD (301-949-7623) to report potholes, street lights out, etc.
How do I report a crime? Please call 301-949-3010 to report anything that seems "out of place" or occurring at an unusual time of day. Some of the most obvious events to watch for and report include: screaming; anyone peering into parked vehicles; persons in a park after hours; persons loitering in parks, especially near schools or in secluded areas; the sound of breaking glass or any loud explosive noise.

Be prepared to report what happened; where it happened; when did it happen; was anyone hurt; description of person(s): age, sex, race, height, weight, clothing, any unique characteristics to help identify the suspect(s). If a vehicle is involved, get the license number, state, make, model, color, damage to vehicle, direction of travel.

Department of Solid Waste Services
Recycling Information
Residential Trash
Household Hazardous Waste
Montgomery County Police Department
4th District Wheaton Police Department

Crime reports (usually run 2 weeks behind -- we believe our neighborhood's located north of Sligo Creek is covered by the L1 beat, and south of Sligo Creek is covered by the L2 beat.)

4th District Police Department Contact List
Montgomery County Parks and Planning
Montgomery County Virtual Library
The Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation
Roadside Tree Maintenance and Regulations
The Montgomery County Transit Service
Montgomery County Services Locator
Montgomery County Government Phone Book
Montgomery County Quick Guide to County Services